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Pan Am Games close, talk turns to Toronto and 2024 Summer Olympics

Pan Am Games Toronto; 2024 Summer OlympicsThe success of the Pan Am Games in Toronto has sparked talk of a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics in that city.

2024 Summer Olympic bid?

If you want your city to put in a bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics you’d best get on it now – the deadline to register is September 15.  It is a deadline to be noted in Toronto now because as the successful 2015 Pan Am Games come to a close there is renewed talk of the city trying for a third time to get an Olympic city hosting gig.

And some heavyweights have joined the chorus of those positive about T.O.’s chances.

Marcel Aubut, head of the country’s Olympic Committee (COC) said he would  “use the full power of his office” to push for the city to bid for the Olympics again, and to win.  Toronto finished third of 6 nations in the voting for the 1996 Summer Olympics, won by Atlanta (Athens, which went on to host in 2004, was second) and finished second of 5 cities in voting for the 2008 Olympics, won by Beijing.

Twice bitten, twice shy?

Not according to many in the city, and the country, who are chuffed by the success of these games, a well-regarded success and in particular a great success for Canada, finishing with its greatest haul of medals ever and set to be second to the U.S.  But already five cities appear to be in the running for 2024: Boston, Budapest, Hamburg, Paris and Rome.

“Timing may be right”

John Furlong,  who spearheaded the hugely successful Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, praised how well Toronto handled the logistics of such a big event and said that now may be the time for Toronto to strike again – and find success.

“I do think that the timing may be right,” Furlong told The Canadian Press this week.  “If the community decided this was the time to go for it, I think they’d have a pretty good shot.  Because of the timing of the bids for 2024, if the city has this feeling, then it will probably have to move along fairly quickly and decide.”

Published reports suggest it will cost around $50 million just to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, a massive sum considering it guarantees nothing.  Naturally all the costs will be higher than for the much smaller Pan Am Games, which only includes nations from the Americas (as with the Olympics, the competition for athletes with physical disabilities, The Parapan American Games, follows the competition for able-bodied athletes).

Toronto Mayor John Tory though is interested, though not fully committed, saying the 2024 Olympics are “not off the table.”  One thing is the city’s favour is that many of the facilities they now have in place would be available for the Olympic Games, such as an Olympic-sized pool and a cycling velodrome.

“We have to sit down right after these Games and prepare every bit of analysis,” he told the Associated Press this week.  “On the finances, on the benefits to the city, on the amount of publicity it will give us from the point of tourism.”

Once bitten, twice shy – or third time lucky?



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