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40 migrants die in hold of smuggling ship, 320 rescued by Italian Navy

Migrants die in Mediterranean Sea.Migrants in a small boat in the Mediterranean.

There have been still more deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, the dead this time found in a smuggling boat north of Libya.  They died in the hold of the overcrowded boat, likely killed by noxious fuel fumes, the commander of the Italian vessel that affected the rescue said.

When he made his remarks to RaiNews24, Cmdr. Massimo Tosi  was still on his rescue ship the Cigala Fulgosi, and still overseeing the rescue operations and dealing with the dead.  The numbers of dead and surviving may change slightly.  Cmdr. Tosi said it was a grizzly scene onboard the smuggler’s boat and that when they entered the hold the dead were “lying in water, fuel, human excrement.”

Bodies were being transferred to the Cigala Fulgosi.

The Geneva-based International Organization for Migration (IOM) is regularily releasing numbers of those who have died attempting to get to Europe and their latest figures, that do not include these latest deaths, have more than 2,300 migrants dieing already this year.

A great majority of the deaths come from ships trying to reach Italy, a favored destination.  That route goes through the central Mediterranean, a more dangerous area to travel through.

Most of the migrants trying to find a better life come from Eritrea and Somalia, along with Senegal and Syria.  William Lacy, the director of the IOM, said most are fleeing from tyranny and their treatment by the world is a tragic.

“It is unacceptable that in the 21st century people fleeing from conflict, persecutions, misery and land degradation must endure such terrible experiences in their home countries,” he told media recently.  “Not to mention en route, and then die on Europe’s doorstep.”







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