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Canada’s 3 major political parties are fit to be tied ahead of election

Canadian federal election poll from NanosPrime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada.

The numbers from the latest weekly Canadian federal election poll from Nanos Research were released Monday and the country has a near-deadlocked 3 way horse race going on.  Of course it’s a long election trail this time around thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government dropping the writ 11 weeks in advance of voting day, so a lot can change.

But at the moment, given the 3.1 percent margin of error, the 3 major parties are in a virtual tie for the lead.  The Conservatives polled support from 31.8 percent of Canadians, the NDP 29 percent and the trailing Liberals 28.7 percent.  For the Conservatives and Liberals, their level of support hasn’t changed much but NDP support dropped.

“With the election so far off in the distant future,” pollster Nik Nanos said.  “There’s no real reason for Canadians to make a decision.”  Mr. Nanos added that with the election still 9 weeks away “a lot of things can happen” and that means “we have to  hedge our comments.”

There are much bigger differences regionally than nationally, as Canadians have come to expect.  The Conservatives have a convincing lead in the populous province of Ontario with 42 percent support, while the Liberals have 29 percent and the NDP 23 percent.  Prime Minister Harper’s party also leads Saskatchewan with 53 percent support.

The NDP leads in Quebec with 35 percent, the Liberals have 30 percent and the Conservatives only 12 percent support in La Belle Province.  The NDP also leads in British Columbia with 39 percent while the Liberals lead in Atlantic Canada with 45 percent.

Canada goes to the polls on October 19.


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