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Governor Chris Christie makes callous remark about ailing Jimmy Carter

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Jimmy Carter.New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie thought he was being funny or was simply trying to make a point can’t be known, or at least not by anyone but him and he hasn’t said.  Whatever he was thinking, Christie, on the campaign trail as he seeks the Republican nomination for president, made an arguably questionable remark about ailing former-U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Carter is sick with cancer and announced last week that the form of melanoma he has been diagnosed with had spread to his brain.  The prognosis is not good for the 90-year-old Democrat and while he will begin radiation treatment right away, he has said that he is resigned to whatever his fate may be.  He is at this time in a weakened state and not making public appearances.

Which brings us to Christie’s comment, made Saturday at an Iowa State fair and delivered from a soapbox.  He said that President Barack Obama has been the “weakest” president on foreign policy America has had.  He then remarked that Obama is so weak he “makes Jimmy Carter look strong.”

Well.  Funny?  Callous?  Heartless?  Just plain mean?  Or maybe none of the above, the comment was a nice turn of phrase and perfectly legit?  Ted Cruz Jr. also made a critical comment about Carter Saturday but his wasn’t as pointed, and while he called out Carter’s foreign policy record he did not connect it to his current state of health.

But Christie does appear to have taken advantage of Carter’s poor health and yet there does not seem to be much in the way of outrage about the comments.  So – should there be?





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