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Hillary Clinton hands over email server to FBI

Hillary Clinton hands over private server to Justice Department.Hillary Clinton has at last handed over her private email server to the FBI.

Hillary Clinton’s former personal email server, separate from a secured government server, is continuing to dog the odds on favorite to win the Democratic nomination for president.  During her four years as secretary of state in the Obama administration Clinton used her own private server, claiming she did so for convenience, enabling her to have one less electronic device.

Others, however, think otherwise, believing she did it to keep her emails from the record.  Further, many believe that her own server was less secure and may have been the target of hackers and spies.  Those issues will now be addressed as Clinton has turned over her server to the FBI, which operates within the scope of the Justice Department, for srutiny.

The State Department is already examining the 30,000 emails she sent on official government business from that private server, she handed the emails over last December.  Officials will not be able to see every email she sent on her server, however, as Clinton told them that another 30,000 plus were wiped off the server because they were personal and primarily dealt with family issues.

Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Ms. Clinton, told CNN Tuesday evening that she had “directed her team to give her email server used during her tenure as (Secretary of State) to the Department of Justice, as well as a thumb drive containing copies of her emails already provided to the State Department.”  Merrill said his boss “pledged to cooperate with the government’s security inquiry.”

Clinton’s server was based in her home in Chappaqua, N.Y. and though physically guarded by the Secret Service there is concern it could have been breached by foreign adversaries or hackers; FBI officials hope to find out if such a thing did occur.

Clinton has stated all along that she did not send classified information on her server but just today the FBI noted that two of her emails contained sensitive government material not meant for public eyes.

The Republican Party was not impressed with Clinton at last handing over her server.

“All this means is that Hillary Clinton, in the face of FBI scrutiny, has decided she has run out of options,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement.  “She knows she did something wrong and has run out of ways to cover it up.

“If Hillary Clinton believed in honesty and transparency, she would have turned over her secret server months ago to an independent arbiter, not as a last resort and to the Obama Justice Department,” he added. “Of course, if she really cares about transparency, she would never have had a secret server in the first place.”

Officials examining the emails and those set to begin work on the server have not said how long their work will take.  For Clinton, soon to start hitting the campaign trail in earnest, the sooner it ends, without further controversy, the better.






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