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Suspect in shooting death of Memphis police officer surrenders

Memphis man waned in police shooting turns himself in.Tremaine Wilbourn, left, is alleged to have shot Officer Sean Bolton, killing him.

A 29-year-old man suspected of shooting Memphis police officer Sean Bolton has been taken into custody and will be charged with murder.  Memphis police posted a note on Facebook Monday saying Tremaine Wilbourn, wanted in the shooting was behind bars after turning himself in.  The surrender came after a two-day manhunt.

“Now we hope Officer Bolton can truly rest, that his family can begin to grieve, and that as a community we can all begin to heal,” the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office posted on their Facebook page. “To our brothers and sisters in Blue, we stand with you and are always here to help!”

Wilbourn is alleged to have shot Officer Bolton multiple times Saturday shortly after the former Marine, who was 33, pulled up to an illegally parked 2002 Mercedes Benz in an area that has long been associated with the city’s illegal drug trade.  At some point Wilbourn got out of the Mercedes and it is alleged that the two soonafter began to scuffle and Wilbourn pulled out a handgun and shot the officer.  Memphis police said their officer had interrupted a drug deal.

Wilbourn and the other man in the car ran from the scene and police later found drug paraphernalia and 1.7 grams of marijuana in the abandoned vehicle.  Tennessee had put Wilbourn on its list of the Ten Most Wanted fugitives in the state.  The other man in the vehicle turned himself into police in the hours following the shooting and has now been released without charges.

Police said that Wilbourn, on probation from a 10-year sentence for armed robbery, surrendered with members of his family present.  Officer Bolton is the third Memphis police officer killed in the line of duty in the past four years.




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