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Book claims British PM David Cameron put private part in dead pig’s mouth at Oxford

David Cameron. Private part in dead pig's mouth.British P.M. David Cameron.

An unauthorised biography of British Prime Minister David Cameron makes some rather startling claims, one in particular.  The book, released today and co-written by Michael Ashcroft, a former Conservative Party treasurer and wealthy businessman, claims that during his university days at Oxford Mr. Cameron once placed his “private part” into the mouth of a dead pig.

By private part the book is taken to mean his penis.

It must be noted Ashcroft, who co-wrote the book with the writer Isabel Oakeshott, was once a major contributor to the Conservative Party but had a falling out with Cameron over Cameron’s failure to give him a promised high-level government post.  Ashcroft and Oakeshott’s book, called ‘Call Me Dave’ also claims the prime minister smoked marijuana while at Oxford.

Cameron has long played down his privileged upbringing and the fact that while at Oxford he was a member of a group that called itself The Bullingdon Club.  The Bullingdon Club is known for wild partying and outrageous stunts.

The book quotes a man who was also a student at Oxford at the time as saying that during a club initiation ceremony the young student Cameron placed “a private part of his anatomy” into the mouth of a dead pig’s head.  The person who makes the claim is not identified in the book.  The book says an MP, also not identified, has claimed to have seen photographic evidence of the deed.

Or of what may henceforth be known as Cameron’s piggest mistake.

There is much fun being made of the accusation; on Twitter the hashtags #piggate and #hameron have been created for comments on the affair.  One commenter, Jamie Ross, wrote “I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but people on the streets of London seems happier after #Hameron.  It’s like a nation has bonded.”

The response from the prime minister’s office was to say that they would not be dignifying the claim with a response.  As yet, there’s been no response from Mr. Cameron himself.



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