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Kentucky clerk who refused gay marriages released from prison

County Clerk in Kentucky released from jail.Gay marriage supporter.

County clerk released

Kim Davis, the elected U.S. county clerk who refused to grant marriage licences to gay couples because of her religious beliefs and was jailed for it, was released Tuesday.  After her release in Rowan County Davis climbed up on a flatbed truck and spoke to a large assembled crowd, praising God and thanking her supporters.

“We serve a living God who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at,” she said.  “Just keep on pressing. Don’t let down because he is here. He’s worthy.”

Music from the movie ‘Rocky’ played as Davis, 49, told the crowd that she wanted the attention to be not on her but on God, saying she wanted “the glory” to go to him.  There were as many as two dozen protesters who support gay-marriage in the crowd.

She did not say if she would try to interfere with the federal law which grants gay-marriages across the country.  Her lawyer likewise would not tell media what she will do upon returning to work either Friday or Monday.  The stance of Davis and her Christian law firm is that she cannot be forced to grant gay-marriage licences against her conscience.  She did not address the notion that she could resign or seek another government post, thereby avoid granting licences against her conscience.

Judge warns clerk

Jailed on contempt charges, she was released by the same federal judge who put her behind bars five days ago.  U.S. District Judge David Bunning said he was satisfied that deputy clerks at the Rowan County office were granting marriage licences in her absence and would continue to do so.

Judge Bunning said that the deputy clerks at the office had “stated under oath that they would comply with the Court’s Order and issue marriage certificates to all legally eligible couples” and warned Davis she must not “interfere in any way, directly or indirectly” with their work.  If she does, he said, she will face “appropriate sanctions.”

She is working on her fourth marriage and has had three children out of wedlock and has addressed her own failure to live in accordance with the bible by saying that she is forever learning.



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