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Tom Brady’s Dad calls radio station, gives DJ tongue lashing

Tom Brady dad calls radio staion deflategateTom Brady supporters.

New England Patriots’ Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady won yet again last Thursday when a court struck down the 4-game suspension he was given over his alleged role in Deflategate.  Now his Dad, Tom Brady Sr., has managed a victory of sorts.  Brady Sr. heard a San Francisco sports radio host trash his son and called-in to set the record straight.

It was a tirade worthy of Kanye West that was launched after Dad heard KGO radio host Chip Franklin called Tom Jr. a lair.  Obviously Franklin isn’t buying Brady’s denials about having balls deflated before last season’s playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts and Tom Sr. took a few shots at the host.

“If you read any of the articles and discussions that have gone on in this thing for six months, you would know that you are full of crap,” Brady Sr. said. “When you say Brady is a liar, you better be careful because you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.  It’s all lies.

“It’s all ESPN; it’s all NFL propaganda,” Brady Sr., raising his voice, said. “We know Goodell is lying. He lied in the Ray Rice case, he lied in this case and has lied in the (Adrian) Peterson case.  How many times do you need to know this guy is a flaming liar?”

Franklin didn’t back down and cited some PSI facts and continued arguing that Tom Brady Jr. was indeed involved in the deflating of the footballs but Brady Sr. kept fuming and ranting and by volume and tone (angry and mean) the quarterback’s Dad was the hands-down the winner.

Meanwhile, the famous Tom Brady wrote a Facebook post saying he is sorry the NFL “had to endure” the scandal but that he was glad the suspension was overturned.  “While I am pleased to be eligible to play, I am sorry our league had to endure this,” Brady Jr. said.  “I can’t wait to fully commit my energy and emotion to focus on the challenges of the 2015 NFL season.”

He and his team play the NFL’s opening game of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, Sept. 10 in New England at 8:30 EST.  The rest of the league gets going on Sunday and there are two Monday nighters.



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