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2 dead in Taiwan, Typhoon Dujuan now hits China

Typhoon hits Fujian province in China.This is a photo of the aftermath of Typhoon Maysak in Micronesia last April.

A typhoon has made landfall in China’s eastern province of Fujian where authorities have ordered some 30,000 fishing boats with 160,000 people on them back to shore.  They have also ordered all tourist attractions to be closed.

At this time there are no deaths or injuries reported in Fujian or mainland China but that was not the case in nearby Taiwan.  There Typhoon Dujuan left 2 dead, at least 325 wounded and considerable damage.   Millions in the island-country went without power and many homes and businesses were without water.  The financial district was closed.

The Xinhua news agency in China reported winds of up to 120 km (750 miles) per hour.  The typhoon has, the news agency said, already begun to lose power.


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