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Art photographer shoots naked models in decaying structures throughout U.S.

The photography of Brian Cattelle.
In a photographic art project amied at showing beauty alongside of decaying and decrepit human-made structures, an American photographer filmed naked models in every state of the union.  What is most unusual about the project is the odd locations he used.
[b]Decay and beauty[/b]
Brian Cattelle went to the most decaying and decrepit, even haunting, places that [url= t=_blank]he could find[/url].  Old and abandoned buildings that once housed animals, mental institutions, military facilities or hydro stations, a decaying plane, an old bus, schools, even amusement parks were the locales of his photos.
Contrasting with the worn down decay of the locale was a model, female, young and naked, somewhere in the shot, not always easy to find.  The naked model was sometimes scrunched down, as if trying to avoid the surronding, sometimes leaning against a wall confidently.
The photos, available for purchase, were designed to be thought provoking, never titillating.  Cattelle, 33, once homeless, calls the collection ‘BARE USA on Black & White.  He has the photos up on [url= t=_blank]a website[/url], where you can view them all at once or state by state.
He got the idea while such a location in his home state of Florida.  “One day I was exploring a place with a friend of mine and I turned to see him standing in a shaft of light coming in through the roof,” he explains.
“I thought it was a cool picture, but it would be even better if he was a naturally beautiful nude women.
“I think most would assume why a man would think that,” he added.  “But I was more interested in the idea that something so beautiful and pure didn’t belong in a place so decrepit and lost.”
[b]Sense of “vulnerbility”[/b]
One of the more amazing things about the project is that Cattelle saw it through.  He got in his 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe (after tearing out the back seat and replacing it with a mattress) on June 28 2014 and hit every state in his country’s union, finishing up in Hawaii in November of 2015.
He used a modeling site called Model Mayhem and said about 10 percent of the models responded to his ad.  He acknowledged their courage, saying that it “takes a very courageous model to consider venturing into a creepy abandoned building, naked, with a stranger.”
No argument there.
“I hoped to express a sense of vulnerability in the world both between the natural and that which we create,” he said.  “I worked with and depicted real women and real locations so the vast beauty that can be found everywhere in everyone and everything.”
And, after viewing the photos, no argument there, either.

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