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Woman, 90, attacked with rotten apples in her home case of elder abuse saw a woman attacked in her home with apples.

An elderly woman was attacked by a rotten-apple throwing intruder or intruders this week in a case police are still trying to solve.  Harassed and attacked in her own home, 90-year-old Laura David could do nothing but endure it, she says for an hour

In a bizarre case of elder abuse one or more persons broke into David’s home and threw as many as 100 rotten apples at her.

The cruel and frightening incident took place Saturday evening in David’s small bungalow in Chesterville, Ontario, 50 miles south of Ottawa, though it only came to light when a niece visited Ms. David days later; the niece, not David, was the one who called police and took charge of the clean-up.

David noticed a person or persons in her home, she could not make out who, and shortly after realizing they were there whoever it was began throwing rotten apples at her. They would throw and then duck behind the kitchen door or a wall before coming back out and throwing more apples

The 4’11 and 110 pound woman turned her back but said apples kept striking her and landing upon various parts of her home. Not surprisingly she does not move quickly but in any case there was no path for her to escape the onslaught without going past the intruder. So she kept getting hit, over and over.

“I felt something on my back and would turn around and they’d be gone,” she told the Ottawa Citizen, saying they kept throwing and hiding, throwing and hiding. “I could feel them. It didn’t hurt, but you knew something was hitting you.”

She was hit on her back, neck and said some “might have hit my head, too.” Eventually she wasn’t getting hit any more and realized whoever had been throwing the apples had left.

Police investigate

Her niece, Julia Lovell, spent considerable time, along with some young girls from their local church, cleaning up the brown, rotting apples from the floor and furniture, some were even splattered against the walls. Lovell is outraged anyone would do such a thing and can’t imagine why they would.

The apples had been piled up outside by the house, collected up by her aunt, though it is unclear how long they were there and how they were to be disposed of. So David supplied the ammunition used to attack her. Some apples had been thrown at the house, suggesting whoever did it threw apples outside before breaking in.

David owns a clothing store in downtown Chesterville, it’s been in the family for decades, and last week it, too, was broken into, with items stolen. David still works a little almost every day and recently lost her keys and wallet so someone may have found them and decided to commit robbery.

Police, however, are unable to say if the two incidents are related.  They are continuing their investigation.



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