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John McCain tells Hillary Clinton she should move on from Trump loss and ‘shut-up’

Pete Souza photo of Obama and McCain.Photo by Pete Souza, White House photographer.

In a candid interview published Monday by Esquire magazine, the 2008 Republican nominee for U.S. president, John McCain, had some choice advice for Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee for the same office.

He suggested she “shut-up.”

The interview and story with reporter David Usborne was wide-ranging and when they spoke of Clinton, McCain pulled no punches.  Since doing what McCain also did, losing, the former 1st Lady has been promoting her new book, a campaign memoir called What Happened, and McCain said it was too early for the book and for her to be in the public eye.

“You’ve got to understand that you can’t rewrite history,” McCain told Usborne.  “One of the almost irresistible impulses you have when you lose is to somehow justify why you lost and how you were mistreated: ‘I did the right thing! I did!’ ”

“The hardest thing to do is to just shut up,” he added.

He also asked rhetorically why anyone would continue to fight an election that is over, which is what he feels Hillary Clinton is doing by publishing the book so soon and by promoting it on TV shows and at events.

“What’s the f—ing point?” he said.  “(To) Keep the fight up?”  He also said that Clinton should “move on” as he realized he had to do after losing to Barack Obama.  He said she is moving back into the spotlight at a time when she should be laying low.

McCain, 81 who was diagnosed with brain cancer in July and is undergoing treatment, has a memoir of his own coming out, The Restless Wave, but it’s been 8 years since his bid for the presidency failed.  The former war hero suggested Clinton wrote and published hers so soon because “she doesn’t have anything to do.”

Clinton, who, unlike McCain, won the 2016 popular vote by 2.9 million votes (48.2% to 46.1%) has not responded to the Arizona senator’s comments.  It should be noted that the Clinton/Trump battle has been rehashed by both candidates, with President Trump repeatedly tweeting and remarking about his victory of last year.


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