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Seattle girl finds a 4-foot long python snake in the family toilet

Photo courtesy Seattle Police.This is the snake a little girl in Seattle found in the family's toilet.

Naturally we humans see things in toilets…but normally we put them there.  Not so for a little girl in Seattle last week.  When she went in to the bathroom she found something already waiting for her in the toilet – something alive and moving about.

What she found in there was a snake.  A python that was over 4 feet long.  The little girl called in her parents who called in Seattle police who called in some experts.  The experts arrived, they were ‘snake people’ from the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society, and they took the snake into custody.

What type of a python was it?  Well it was not among the dangerous pythons.  The Burmese python, Tiger python and Rock python are the biggest and most aggressive pythons, but the experts said this one is a Ball python.

Most pythons are non-venomous and such is the case with the Ball python.  It is a species often kept as pets and it was found in the toilet of a Lake City area Seattle apartment so it is very likely someone in that apartment building has, or had, a Ball python for a pet, one that found its way into the plumbing system.

No one was hurt and police won’t be laying charges.  While it is not the first time snakes have been found in toilets it is not a frequent occurrence so the officers did not issue a recommendation to be vigilant about looking inside yours before taking a seat.

The snake is being cared for while police try to find its owners.


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