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Mom loses all four limbs after giving birth, sues Halifax hospital for negligence

Image courtesy NephronFlesh-eating disease, a micrograph of which is shown here, moves quickly. In the case of Lindsey Hubley a more-rapid diagnosis may have saved her limbs.

A hospital in the Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia is being sued by a new mother who lost all four limbs after birthing her son Myles there. Just 4 days after giving birth at the IWK Centre, Lindsey Hubley, 33, was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, commonly known as ‘flesh-eating disease’ and her lawsuit alleges the hospital was negligent in several ways.

Myles was born on March 2 of this year and Hubley was diagnosed with flesh-eating disease on March 6. Since then she had her arms from the elbows down and legs from the knees down removed, also at IWK. Further, she underwent a total hysterectomy.

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, her lawyer, Ray Wagner, filed suit on Hubley’s behalf in Nova Scotia’s Supreme Court, alleging that negligence on the part of the hospital and five doctors is responsible or partially responsible for her health issues.  The case has yet to begin.

Lawsuit alleges blame

After giving birth to her healthy son on March 2, mother and baby were discharged from the hospital on March 4; however,, the next day Hubley returned, complaining of abdominal pain. According to Wagner, his client was simply told she had constipation and sent home without an examination.

The following day her abdominal pain increased and her skin became discolored. She was rushed back to the IWK and it was discovered that her organs were beginning to fail. She was soon after diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis and in the ensuing months has had some 20 surgeries.

Following Myles’ birth a part of the placenta was left in Hubley’s body and the lawsuit claims that it played a role in her developing the dreaded disease. It also claims that a tear on her vagina was not properly attended to by the doctors and that that, too, likely contributed to the outcome.

The lawsuit also alleges that the lack of a proper examination upon Hubley’s arrival at the hospital the day after being discharged was also partially responsible for the tragedy.

“Our allegations are that had she been properly assessed when she presented at the hospital,” Wagner told media Wednesday, “(Then) a substantial part of the damage, if not all of it, could have been prevented.”

GoFundMe page for mother

Hubley has had to remain hospitalized for the entire 7 months since the removal of her limbs and is undergoing treatments there. Though her fiance, Mike Sampson, said she no longer has flesh-eating disease, he noted that yet more surgeries await her, including the removal of her kidney.

Sampson, 34, told the CBC in a recent interview that he and Myles visit mom virtually every day. Their world has been turned “upside down” he said, but he added that Hubley has not allowed the ordeal to rob her of her spirit.

“She’s incredibly positive,” Sampson said. “She has an outlook that this process has taken her arms and her legs, but it’s not going to take her happiness.”

To date, the hospital has declined to comment on the lawsuit or the new mother’s ordeal. None of the allegations have been proven in a court of law.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Hubley by her sister-in-law, Susan Hubley.  The site had a goal of raising $60,000 but as of November 12 had accumulated just over $100,000.


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