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Pit Bull attack: 8-year-old boy in Toronto seriously injured, dog killed by police

A pit-bull.A red nose pit bull from a file photo (Wiki).

Report from March of 2016: An eight-year-old boy in Toronto was seriously injured and rushed to hospital after being attacked by a pit bull. The dog had the boy by the throat and in order to release its grip police shot it.

When officers arrived on scene about 5 p.m. in a rural area near Ellesmere Road and Highway 401, the pit bull had the youngster by the throat and adults were struggling to get it to release its grip.  Police also could not get the animal off and shot it dead.

One officer received minor wounds.

The boy sustained non-life threatening but serious injuries, including bites and scratches.  Toronto police Sgt. Darryl Talbot said the boy’s injuries included bites to his face. The child was released from hospital in the evening and taken home.

Toronto Sun reporter Terry Davidson was on scene at the rural house where the boy was seen carried inside by a woman. A man on the property said the pit bull had belonged to a neighbor and children were playing with it when without warning the pit bull attacked.

“They were playing with the dog for about, I don’t know, ten or fifteen minutes with a ball and a stick, and all of a sudden the dog just turned on him and grabbed him by the pant leg and (dragged) him around the backyard,” the man said. “I grabbed a stick and smashed it over the dog’s head. The dog wouldn’t let go, so I called 911.”

Pit bulls were banned in Ontario in 2005 but those born before the ban are exempt.  The same 2005 legislation also made it illegal for pit bulls to run off-leash in public. There is a gathering each year to protest the ban but the number of protestors, and dogs brought along by their owners, has declined sharply.

The Toronto Star did a piece on the ban and found a “remarkable” drop in dog bites since the legislation passed.

In this case, it’s unclear how old the dog was.


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